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Cut the cost of your heating oil and spread the cost

11th March 2014

HWRCC and Hull and East Yorkshire Credit Union (HEYCU) have come together to offer residents the opportunity to:

  • Save money on their heating oil by joining the ‘Cheaper Heating Oil Together Scheme’


  • Spread the cost by joining a regular savings scheme or apply for a Credit Union loan to spread the cost of oil over an extended period.

As the rising cost of living continues to put pressure on household budgets, HWRCC, in partnership with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, is delivering the YORSwitch, Cheaper Oil Together Scheme that aims to save its members money through bulk-buying oil for residents and business in the region. 

Peter Hirschfeld, Community Development Officer, who coordinates the scheme, said: “The process is simple! I place one order at the end of every month with the oil suppliers offering the best unit price at that time for our bulk purchase. This provides members with the opportunity to buy once or twice per year or monthly depending on your consumption. We ask that members purchase a minimum of 500 litres per order and everyone pays the same unit price, so members that use less oil are not penalised with a higher cost. The scheme is saving its members money.”

HWRCC is collaborating with Hull and East Yorkshire Credit Union in the hope that residents will take advantage of its competitive saving and loan facilities to make purchasing oil through the scheme easier.”

For more information, please contact us:

Bulk-buying Oil Membership ‘Cheaper Heating Oil Together Scheme’

Contact: Peter Hirschfeld at HWRCC   T: 01430 430904  E:

Hull and East Yorkshire Credit Union T: 01482 778753  E:


Further information:                             

  • Humber and Wolds Rural Community Council (HWRCC), in partnership with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, launched the YORSwitch, ‘Cheaper Oil Together Scheme’ in 2013. HWRCC is currently funded through ERYRC and members can be confident that all savings will be passed onto them. Orders are placed on 28th of each month, but in areas where a local coordinator liaises with HWRCC regarding a communities order, the date may differ.  New members are eligible to place an order in the same month they join the scheme, as long as they submit their application form two weeks prior to the ordering deadline.


  • HWRCC is currently offering free membership to the first 200 residents or businesses that join the scheme.


  • All savings with Hull and East Yorkshire Credit Union (HEYCU) are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, just the same as deposit in banks or building societies (up to £85,000 per depositor). If a member wants to have a dedicated account in which to accumulate just their savings for bulk heating oil, they can set up a second instant access account which could be called a Heating Oil Account.


  • As the Credit Union is a not for profit business, new members pay a one-off joining fee of £3 which makes them a member for life.  It covers their stationery, Paypoint card, etc.  Members must keep a minimum balance of £1 in their Membership Account at all times since this makes them a Credit Union Shareholder (a legal formality).


  • All loans are subject to approval at the Credit Union's discretion; no member has a "right" to a loan.  As a responsible lender they make a credit check and look carefully at the applicant's affordability and capacity to repay, and where applicable their savings record with HEYCU. They don't use credit scoring, but use experience to aim for a fair and reasonable decision.  Loans for heating oil purchase will normally be paid back over 6 months or one year and, subject to satisfactory repayments, can then be renewed ready for the next purchase.


  • The interest on a Credit Union loan can never exceed 26.8% APR (2% per month on the reducing balance).  Regular savers with HEYCU can obtain loans at lower rates if they pledge their savings.   Here are some examples of loans with repayment terms using a cost of 54p per litre plus VAT. Please remember the price of oil fluctuates constantly and this figure is just for demonstration purposes only. The total figures are for 500, 800 & 1000 litres of oil respectively:


Loan £


Monthly Repayment £

Interest Rate % APR

Total to repay £


6 months





4 months





10 months





Members are welcome to pay back their loan in full early, and there is no settlement fee or penalty charge (unlike with many bank loans).   They will pay less interest if they repay early.

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