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"The resulting Community Led Plan forms a blueprint for use by Town/Parish Councils and other local bodies, as well as providing evidence for funding bids to enable the actions identified to be completed."

EqualiTeas: 18 June 2 Jul

19th April 2018

What does it mean to you to have the same democratic rights as everyone else? Join together with people from all over the country to celebrate 90 years since the Representation of the People Act 1928, which gave all men and women over 21 the equal right to vote. Invite your community to share, debate, and celebrate what equality means to you.

Get involved

We're asking you to hold an EqualiTeas over a cup of your favorite brew and have a chat about what equality means to you. How you take part is entirely up to you. There's no limit to what you can do. We’ve put together a page of ideas and resources to help you plan. 


Anyone can hold an EqualiTeas tea party! Your EqualiTea event or activity can take any form you would like. It can be big or small, private or public, inside or out! As long as it brings your community together to explore what equality means to people.

Pop on the kettle, make a cup of your favourite brew, and have a chat about why you value equality and what it means to you.


Your event doesn’t have to be a tea party, just an event or activity that brings people together to discuss equality. Tea parties do though have a long tradition as part of the campaign for equal votes.

Historically, tea parties were hotbeds of political activism. It was one of the few ways women could meet without men to discuss and plan. The leading suffrage organisations used tea parties and tea shops as central elements in their campaigning. They were excellent spaces to increase awareness, discuss tactics and raise money.


Keen to get involved but not sure what you can do for EqualiTeas? Give us your contact details below and we’ll send you our toolkit, which include debate cards, to get you started.

Visit our resource page for help with ideas, planning and publicising your event.


EqualiTeas has been developed by the Houses of Parliament as part of its Education and Engagement Service.

Join the Education and Engagement mailing list for news and information about the UK Parliament and other opportunities to get involved throughout the year.

Sign up today and claim one of our 4000 packs before they all go.

Register your event and receive one of our free Host's packs, which includes: 

  •        tablecloth board game  
  •        pack of debate cards 
  •        selfie placard 
  •        cookie cutter  
  •        recipe card  
  •        badges   

Suggested Tweets 

Share, debate and celebrate our right to vote over a cup of tea and a slice of cake this summer! Register for #EqualiTeas.

We’re delighted to be an #EqualiTeas partner. This summer join us to share, debate and celebrate our right to vote over a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

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