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"The resulting Community Led Plan forms a blueprint for use by Town/Parish Councils and other local bodies, as well as providing evidence for funding bids to enable the actions identified to be completed."

North Lincs. Bulk Oil Buying Scheme - (current project)

7th August 2018

The scheme aims to:-

  • Save members money by bringing residents and communities together to make the most of their collective buying power to reduce the price of oil
  • Pass the savings on to the members directly.
  • The scheme is open to households, community buildings and businesses that use oil to heat their homes and premises including Churches and Village Halls.
  • Environmentally minimises the number of tanker journeys made in rural areas.

How does it work?

  • Individual households pay as little as £20 for the year:  If you join part way through the year, the fee is calculated at £5 per remaining quarter.)
  •  Community Buildings pay £30.
  • Businesses pay the following fees: 1 - 5 employees - £30; 6 - 10 employees - £40; 11 - 50 employees £50; 50+ employees £100.

Household and Business Membership Forms are available at the bottom of this page.

  • New members can place an order as soon as they submit their application form and pay their membership fee.
  • Minimum order quantity is 500 litres.
  • One price per litre for any quantity ordered.

Orders can be placed with your local Coordinator if you have one or directly with Humber & Wolds Rural Action (HWRA). (Tel 01652 637700 or email

Once your order is received, you can sit back and relax as we negotiate the best price from a range of suppliers. You will then be notified of the pence per litre price by either your local co-ordinator (if you have one) or HWRA. Deliveries are made within 10 working days of the bulk order being placed. Always ensure you have three to four weeks supply of oil in your oil tank when ordering to avoid risk of running out. You pay the supplier directly.

Becoming a Co-ordinator gives you free membership in return for co-ordinating the monthly orders for your community and emailing them to us prior to the order deadline date. More information is available in our co-ordinators leaflet below.

The scheme will help local residents cut the cost of their domestic heating bills. An average saving of 5p per litre would equate to a saving of £25 off a 500 litre order and £50 off a 1000 litre order.  However, savings will depend on market forces and supply and demand. All the savings will be passed on to our members.

Oil Savers Scheme (Credit Union in North Lincs.)

Hull & East Yorkshire Credit Union has developed a scheme which encourages people to make regular saving toward their oil purchase. Credit Union members will also have access to funds so that they can purchase their heating oil when required and then spread their repayments over the year. They will also be able to access finance to top up their oil once again. This scheme is designed to help those who may struggle to meet the upfront costs of buying heating oil. (North Lincs. Credit Union is now part of H&EYCU)

More information is available through H&EYCU or via

You can also download the leaflet at the bottom of the page.

NB: Membership renewal was due 1st February.  Although existing members will automatically be renewed this year, a membership form was sent out in January 2018 to update your details.

Please note that the scheme placed an order in August 2018. The price negotiated was 49.95p per litre exclusive of VAT. This represented a saving of 8.8p per litre on the most expensive price quoted for 500 litres of oil and provides a saving of £44.00 on a 500 litre order. (£17.50 was the average savings on 500 litres of Oil)

If you require Oil for September 2018 delivery, the deadline for orders is Friday 14th September 2018.

Find Out More

For all enquiries about the North Lincs. Bulk Oil Buying Scheme, you can contact us on 01652 637700 or email us at

Follow us on Twitter - @HWRCC_OilClub


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