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The resulting Community Led Plan forms a blueprint for use by Town/Parish Councils and other local bodies, as well as providing evidence for funding bids to enable the actions identified to be completed.
Mrs Surfleet a registered customer of the car scheme thanked HWRA for an excellent service and also to personally thank the driver, Terry for his help and assitance in providing transport to her medical appointment.
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Community-Led Housing Virtual Workshops

21st July 2020

The next workshop will take place on May 6th 2021. The subject will be about "The Group Stage iof the process".

The topics to be cover include:

  • Forming a Steering Group
  • Deciding on your purpose
  • Recruiting more people
  • Developing a business plan
  • Incorporating your group

The Workshops are free for anyone to attend. Please send your email address to, so that he can send you an email invite to participate in the workshop. 

The workshop is run by

Peter Hirschfeld, Angela Walmsley and Sarah Hart -  from the North Yorkshire & East Riding Community-Led Housing Hub.

Feel free to circulate this invite to any of your contacts who may be interested in attending.

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The Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport is leading a campaign to help tackle the spread of false information about the COVID-19 vaccine. We have developed tailored social media posts fronted by trusted community members (faith leaders, clinicians and community leaders). These posts include simple tips on how to spot false information, critically analyse sources and stop its spread, signposting to the NHS as the most accurate source of information about the COVID19 vaccine.

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