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The resulting Community Led Plan forms a blueprint for use by Town/Parish Councils and other local bodies, as well as providing evidence for funding bids to enable the actions identified to be completed.
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Current Groups in East Yorkshire developing Community-Led Housing

1st July 2020

Sherwood and Waudby Trust in Walkington - In 2018 the Group accessed Community Housing Fund (CHF) funding to build 2 properties in Walkington for those residents who were in need of affordable housing. The homes were completed in mid 2019 and are now both let by the charity.

Skipsea - in 2018 a group of residents on Green Lane, who were in danger of being made homeless by coastal erosion, were encouraged to form a Group that could help to develop Community-Led Housing to provide alternative accommodation when they were told to vacate their current homes. The Group conducted a Housing Needs Survey of Green Lane residents and David Siddle (ERYC) did one for the residents of the rest of Skipsea Village. The demand from Green Lane was sufficent to consider building affordable homes for those residents and any other Skipsea residents in housing need. A site was identified that could accommate 10 homes and this is currently the subject of a planning application. It is hope that if Planning Permission is passed that work can start this year to begin the development.

Heron Educational Foundation in Humbelton - The charity based in Humbleton owns property in the village, namely the old school building, the sports Pavilion and cricket and Football pitches, plus some land adjacent to the old school. The Charity is planning to redevelop the old school into 3 dwelling and expects to deliver another 2 dwellings on the land adjacent the old school. The sports pavilion is to be rebuilt to include changing facilities and some community space for events/meetings. The Charity is keen to see the old school developed and has submitted a Planning Application which is currently going throught the various processes. They hope to start work on the site in 2021 if all goes to plan. Currently the Charity successfully applied for Stage 2 funding and will submit an application for Stage 3 funding from the CHF, once Planning Permission has been granted, to assist with the build costs.

Cherry Tree Centre, Beverley - in late 2019, the Charity submitted an application for Stage 1 funding, which was successful. The Group have used the grant to organise a community consultation on housing needs within their area of operation in Beverley. The Charity is looking to bring back empty properties into use in the area raround the centre and rent them out to those in housing need. The Charities work has been very much affected by the Covid19 crisis and the extra work they have had to do. So progress has been a little slow, but they are looking to move forward to Stage 2 of the process in the near future.

Tickton and Routh Parish Council - The Parish Council applied for Stage 1 funding to consult with their community on their affordable housing needs. This was completed in mid 2019 and  a report was produced showing the amount of need in the villages. Since then more members have been co-opted onto the Working Group and it expected that they will go on to form a Group outside the Parish Council, to take this initiative forward. Currently the Group is producing a second consultation survey, in order to get a clearer picture of what is required for affordable housing and also to try and encourage more members of the community to take part and become members of the Group. They will then apply for Stage 2 funding from the CHF. If anyone would like to join the Group please contact the Parish Council clerk on

Thriving in the East Riding - This is a Co-Housing Group that wants to develop an intention community of people, who wish to live together in a sustainable way. They would like to develop their community within East Yorkshire and are looking for a suitable site on which to build. The Group is somewhat fluid at present. The Covid19 crisis has also stopped their activities as some of those involved are linked to the TimeBank for Hull & East Riding and have been busy since the crisis started. More work will need to be done once the crisis is over. If anyone is interested in joining the Co-Housing Group, please contact Kate MacDonald on

Bubwith Parish Council - Like Tickton and Routh, the Parish Council applied for Stage 1 funding to consult with their community on the need for affordable housing in the community. Although the need was not great, it was felt that a second consultation should be considered which aimed to provide a better understanding of why Community-Led Housing was needed and to asset further need. This consultation started in February, but due to the Covid19 crisis, is currently on hold. It will be started again as soon as the crisis weakens.

Driffield Town Council - The Town Council got a group together to look at the potential for Communuty-Led Housing in the Town using brownfield sites. The Group have looked at a variety of sites, and although one has not been chosen as yet, they will make decisions as they move forward. The Council applied for Stage 1 Funding for this work and also to visit 2 completed Community-Led Housing development so they could see what can be produced and the issues they need to consider. The Group is now looking to do some desktop research on community needs although this has been affected by the Covid19 crisis. They hope to get back on track once the crisis dies down.

Kirkburn - The Parish Council have raised the possibility of providing Community-Led Homes as part of a much bigger development at the Alamein Barracks on the edge of Driffield. This is a long term project and there are many hurdles for the Group to negotiate, so only a little has been done by the group so far.

Snaith & Cowick Town Council - they applied for a Stage 1 Grant to ascertain the Affordable Housing needs of the community. This was successful at the end of 2019. Since then the Town Councils has been very busy because of the floods in February and the Covid19 crisis, so little progress has happened so far. They are looking to complete a Housing Needs Survey in the near future.

Thwing, Burton Fleming and Wold Newton Parish Councils have had a Housing Needs Survey conducted to ascertain the amount of Affordable Housing need there is in the parishes. Thwing Parish Council is keen to develop additional housing in their community and see affordable Community-Led Housing as one way to achieve this. Additional work is required before they can progress this and make a bid for Stage 1 CHF funding. 

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