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The resulting Community Led Plan forms a blueprint for use by Town/Parish Councils and other local bodies, as well as providing evidence for funding bids to enable the actions identified to be completed.
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North East Lincolnshire Local Plan Regulation 19 Publication of a local plan (further consultation)

12th October 2016

In the light of the representations received it was considered appropriate to undertake further work on updated evidence and, to publish these documents for a period of further consultation.

The Pre-Submission Draft Local Plan remains as the Plan which the Council will submit for examination alongside the representations received.  The Council has the opportunity through the examination process to identify modifications to the Inspector which it would wish to make.  A Schedule of Proposed Modification to the Pre-Submission Draft Local Plan has been prepared, it outlines the Council’s suggested modification in the light of the representations received to date and reflects discussions with key stakeholders and statutory bodies in particular.

We have contacted you because you have either commented on a previous ‘local plan’ document or you have told us that you are interested in being involved in the preparation of our new Local Plan or because national guidance and regulations require us to inform you that the Council has published its Pre-Submission Draft Local plan for a further four week consultation week period before it is submitted for examination.  This is an additional consultation period to that required by the regulations and seeks views on the ‘soundness’ of the Plan and its legal compliance with the regulations, specifically on the basis of the updated evidence.  It should be noted that this is not an opportunity to raise new representations on the Local Plan, and that all previous representations received stand, and will be submitted for examination.  Rather, this consultation provides an opportunity to review and amend those comments previously submitted in the light of the updated evidence.

The Schedule of Proposed Modifications has been made available as part of this consultation and we would ask that you indicate in your response whether the proposed modifications, if accepted, would resolve your previous objections to the soundness of the Plan.  Also whether you would seek to withdraw your objection as a result, or amend your previous representations.

The Local Plan is made up of two parts; the written text (policies and accompanying text) and the policies map.  Both should be read together, along with the supporting and updated evidence, to get a full appreciation of the Plan.

An addendum to the Sustainability Appraisal Report and Updated Habitats Regulations Assessment have been prepared and should be viewed alongside the Local Plan.  These documents reflect the proposed modifications to the Plan.

You can find out more about the preparation of the new Local Plan and view and download a copy of the Pre-Submission Draft Local Plan, Schedule of Proposed Modifications and consultation questionnaire at:

How to make your representations

The consultation period runs for four weeks from 3 October to 28 October 2016.

The Pre-Submission Draft Local Plan has been published in order for representations to be made prior to submission.  We would encourage you to make your make your representations via our online consultation portal at:

Representations can also be made in writing using the prescribed consultation questionnaire and return to us at: Local Plan, Planning, Origin Two, 2 Origin Way, Grimsby, DN37 9TZ.  The questionnaire is also available to download from the Council’s website and can be emailed back to us at:

Your representations on this plan are welcomed and encouraged.  You should consider whether the Plan complies with the legal requirements, the duty to co-operate, and is sound.  If you wish to seek a modification to the plan or part of the plan you should make it clear in what way the Plan is not sound.  You should say precisely how you think the Plan should be modified and support your representation with evidence showing why the plan should be modified.

You can also request to participate at the oral part of the examination, you will need to outline why you consider this to be necessary as part of your representation.

Your representations should be received by us by 5pm on Friday 28 October 2016.  Late representations will not be accepted.

What happens next

Following this consultation the Local Plan, supporting documents and representations received (including any supporting evidence you provide) will be submitted to the Secretary of State in December 2016 for examination.  The examination is then expected to take place in 2017, and it is anticipated that this will be followed by adoption of the Local Plan in December 2017.

We look forward to receiving your representations.  Should you have any queries or wish to meet with an officer to discuss the document in more detail please contact the Spatial Planning team using the contact details above.

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