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The resulting Community Led Plan forms a blueprint for use by Town/Parish Councils and other local bodies, as well as providing evidence for funding bids to enable the actions identified to be completed.
Mrs Surfleet a registered customer of the car scheme thanked HWRA for an excellent service and also to personally thank the driver, Terry for his help and assitance in providing transport to her medical appointment.
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North Lincs. Bulk Oil Buying Scheme

Please note the NLC Switch Bulk Oil Buying Scheme continues in a "Business as Usual" way, despite the Coronavirus situation. Orders can be placed as usual although there may be slightly longer delivery times and tanker drivers will keep their distance when delivering oil . In view of this, we suggest members keep extra oil in their tanks to avoid running out of fuel between deliveries.

Why are we doing this?

This project fits well with our commitment to support rural communities.

The cost of heating buildings to a satisfactory standard is becoming more and more expensive. In rural areas, there are many off gas communities. These are leaving residents with more expensive choices for heating fuel - such as oil.

We want to help rural communities cut the cost of heating. The NLC Switch Bulk Oil Buying scheme can cut the cost of heating to rural communities and it has other benefits. The scheme keeps money in the local economy, builds a greater sense of community and cooperation and helps tackle fuel poverty.

Who is it for?

The NLC Switch scheme is open to householders, churches, village halls and businesses in North Lincolnshire. The scheme orders oil on a monthly basis and negotiates the cheapest price with a group of oil suppliers. Minimum quantity is 500 litres and one price is negotiated irrespective of the quantity you order. Payment is made directly with the winning suppliers by members of the scheme.

Village Co-ordinators can help to collate orders from within their community and can act as a conduit for information on the scheme if required. They receive FREE membership for the work they do. All need internet access, in order to send in orders monthly. To apply, simply email your location to and we will appraise the need in your area.

What are the benefits of the scheme

  • Only cost £20 per year for membership
  • Community members across North Lincolnshire save money on heating oil thus reducing fuel poverty
  • Money stays in the local economy
  • Greater sense of community and builds community networks
  • Fewer oil tankers through the villages and therefore improved road safety and reduced local pollution and carbon emissions
  • Provides an opportunity for local people and communities to engage with energy efficiency measures
  • Co-ordinators can identify vulnerable people in community and refer for help in other areas

What do I do?

To register, please click on the link below and complete the new style Membership Form. Make your payment to Humber & Wolds Rural Community Council.  We will confirm via email/letter your membership of the scheme and you are then eligible to place your oil heating order(s) by the deadline date each month - The minimum order is 500 litres. The link below will take you directly to the new Membership Form. Complete and click submit.

Household Oil Buying Scheme Membership Form 

For Businesses, please download the form below.

Business Membership Form 2021

NB: The new Household Membership Form is sent electronically to HWRA, so there is no need to print it off and mail it to us anymore.

 Membership renewals have been sent to all existing members. To purchase oil in 2021, you should rejoin by January 2021. Membership fees (£20 per year) can be paid by BACs or cheque, whichever is most convenient. New Members please complete the Membership form online or print and posts to the address above

For more details about the scheme or any additional queries please contact: or Tel: 01652 637700

Follow us on Twitter - @woldsrcc

For information on becoming a community co-ordinator please click this link. (To follow shortly)

Please note: In line with normal oil company practice quoted prices are without VAT (charged at 5% on heating oil).

The price of oil fluctuates day by day and will depend on the size of our bulk order and the degree of clustering of deliveries.  We expect our discounts to be around 5p per litre.  

Savings will be largest for those who normally order in 500 litre batches.  It is also worth noting that where special delivery circumstances exist – like only small trucks can get access or where the delivery address is remote - then there may be a surcharge in line with the sort of additional charges these addresses usually attract.

To see prices and saving achieved, see the Oil Price Comparison Chart at the bottom of the website page.

Follow us on Twitter - @woldsrcc


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