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The resulting Community Led Plan forms a blueprint for use by Town/Parish Councils and other local bodies, as well as providing evidence for funding bids to enable the actions identified to be completed.
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Community-Led Housing in East Yorkshire - 1-2-1 support & workshops to start the process & the development of affordable homes

3rd August 2021

With the creation of the new North Yorkshire and East Riding Community-Led Housing Hub, this organisation acts as the focal point for all enquiries regarding Community-Led Housing.

Community-led Housing in East Yorkshire

For many rural households, finding affordable accommodation in their community remains a difficulty, with homes in some cases, costing more than 8 times local average wages.

There is also an affordability gap in many areas, which is not helped by the low wage economy.

However, there are a range of development options which communities can consider, in order to meet the affordable housing needs of their residents. One option is Communty-Led Housing.

What is Community-Led Housing?

This is genuinely affordable housing, which provides homes for people on modest incomes, who cannot afford to buy or rent on the open market, and who live in or have a strong local connection to their community. These homes can help sustain communities by offering families, young couples single and older people, the chance to remain living in their community, with its strong local networks and family ties.

Strong local support is vital and Parish/Town Councils, local Community Groups and individuals can play a key role in getting this type of initiative off the ground. The homes are:-

  • For people on a range of incomes
  • For specific groups of people
  • For people who want to rent or buy
  • For groups/individuals wanting to build new homes or refurbish existing buildings

Community-Led Housing is about local people playing a leading and lasting role in solving housing problems. Community-Led proposals should ensure that:

  • Meaningful community engagement and consent occurs throughout the development process. The community does not necessarily have to initiate and manage the process or build the homes themselves though some do.
  • The local community group or organisation owns, manages or stewards the homes, in a manner of their choosing
  • The homes can be new builds or the refurbishment of empty properties locally and there are a variety of development models that can be used. 
  • Most Community-Led Housing sites are small in nature, which the volume house builders would not develop.

Models of Community-Led Housing

There is no one model for Community-Led Housing. Most projects have differing characteristics and will share or borrow elements from the various models.

  • Community Land Trusts(CLTs) are a form of Community-Led Housing set up and run by local people to develop and manage homes as well as other assets. CLTs acts a long-term stewards of land and housing in perpetuity.
  • Co-Housing  are intentional communities which provide self-contained dwellings with the benefits of shared additional facilities which are managed by the Group.
  • Cooperatives are similar to Co-Housing where it is built or renovated and managed by members of a group, with democratic collective control to influence the scheme and its management.
  • Community Custom and Self Build - this is a form of Community-Led Housing where there is a clear sense of community benefit protected in perpetuity from the development. Individuals or an association of individuals, or persons working with or for individuals or association of individuals, build or complete houses to be occupied by those individuals.

Affordable Community-led Housing delivers community benefits:

  • Keeps family networks together, reducing social care bills
  • Enables key workers to live close to work
  • Supports rural businesses, with local customers and workforce
  • Helps to keep village schools, pubs, shops and Post Offices open
  • Cuts spending on Housing Benefit
  • Improves health and wellbeing and saves the NHS money
  • Improves social mobility and leveling-up

Support is available from East Riding of Yorkshire Council, which has funding through the Community Housing Fund to support these types of developments. Humber & Wolds Rural Action provides a Community-Led Housing Advisor to any group who wishes to see these types of homes built in their community. 

Community-Led Housing is a growing movement of ordinary residents taking action and managing housing projects that build decent and affordable homes that their community needs. 

Anyone can start, volunteer and deliver a Community-Led Housing project. You don't need to work in Housing, have a degree in architecture or be a builder. If you think a change is needed, you can lead it.

For an informal chat or to find out more about the project and how it could help your community, please contact Peter Hirschfeld - Community-Led Housing Advisor at Humber & Wolds Rural Action.  Email or ring 07539 477046.

The following is a youtube video produced by Rural Community Council of Essex. Their area maybe different from ours, but the video shows the impact of Community-Led Housing on those who get to live in the homes. It is called My Village, My Home. Enjoy.

The following support is also available for groups interested in Community-led Housing:

Community Right to Build grants to help you get community-led housing proposals to planning  

Using Neighbourhood Planning to look to the future of your area which can include Community-Led Housing.

A CLH development in Cornwall.

Community-Led Housing in East Yorkshire - 1-2-1 support & workshops to start the process & the development of affordable homes

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