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YORSwitch customer: I just wanted to thank you again for your speed and efficiency in enabling me to join the scheme so quickly and take advantage of the 'reduced' rate. I have been very anxious about refilling the oil tank but this scheme has eased some of that concern. Many thanks
Fiona - Electric Tricycle User, Age 51. 'I purchased an electric tricycle as I have Multiple Sclerosis and can no longer ride a bicycle due to poor balance and mobility issues. I have found that being out on my tricycle that my fitness has improved and it has had an impact on weight loss. With the pedal assist I am still able to pedal and use my legs which is important to keep my muscles active, reduce numbness and I am also able to cycle further including hills and this also helps with fatigue as I tire easily. I have enjoyed being able to access local rural areas which has had a positive impact on my mental health and wellbeing, especially during this difficult time due to Covid-19 and being isolated as a clinically vulnerable person. This has meant that I have been able to get out of the house and feel safe whilst exercising. There are a lot of support groups on social media where I have met other like minded cyclists who have offered invaluable support and advice and I have met up with another lady tricycle rider as a riding companion.'
Mrs Surfleet a registered customer of the car scheme thanked HWRA for an excellent service and also to personally thank the driver, Terry for his help and assitance in providing transport to her medical appointment.
Wheels to Work North Lincolnshire Scheme - John from Grimsby ‘I joined the scheme in 2021 after hearing about it from a family member. I was in need of transport to get to and from work as I had my motorbike stolen and was not able to replace it. As a short-term arrangement I was relying on a family member to take and pick me up from work. For me the key benefit of the wheels to work scheme was that it provided me with a scooter that enabled me to get to and from work, it also gave me back independence and freedom. I would definitely recommend the scheme and I have done so to friends who are need of transport to get to work. Don’t’ underestimate the scooters as they are extremely reliable . My experience of the scheme was great, and I was glad that I was successful in receiving a scooter via the scheme’.
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David Hughes - Chairman

David Hughes -  Chairman

David has been a resident of Beverley for 40 years, having moved to the area with the RAF after travelling the world. On retirement he was appointed as a Lecturer at Hull College.

David has been involved with uniformed youth organisations at local and regional level, as well as volunteering and holding the position of Chairman with Beverley Community Lift, a community transport operator.

David has been a trustee of HWRCC for a number of years and Treasurer from 2010. He has experience regarding the issues of delivering services across a rural area through his knowledge of the East Riding. David has seen the organisation through years of change and wants to ensure that “in these difficult times the charity not only survives but continues its valuable work”.

Peter Shipp - Vice Chairman

Peter Shipp - Vice Chairman

Peter's special interest has always been in public relations and he established excellent relationships with local media, local MP's with whom he often corresponded and sometimes met , and with all the local authorities in Hull, East Yorkshire and Scarborough whose areas EYMS served , and with an excellent workforce the company also enjoyed a very good public reputation. Peter was instrumental in starting the East Riding Transport Partnership many years ago and remains an independent member of that Partnership since retirement. On retirement he was also asked to join the East Riding of Yorkshire Community Transport Partnership, and mainly due to the local sponsorships which EYMS provided for many years Peter is also now President of the Hull Civic Society and Hull Choral Union.

Peter has lived in Elloughton since moving to the area and joined HWRA as a Trustee early in 2020.

Peter was born in Devon where he started his 56-year career in the bus and coach industry with the local bus company.  This career took him through a series of promotions to Stockport, East Sussex and Newcastle before ending up in East Yorkshire where he joined East Yorkshire Motor Services as Traffic Manager in 1980.  Peter was a second-tier member of the seven-strong management buyout team which formed EYMS Group and bought the company when the National Bus Company (of which EYMS was a subsidiary) was privatised in February 1987. EYMS bought a number of other operators and at one point had around 1500 staff.  One by one the other six members of the MBO moved elsewhere or retired leaving Peter as Chairman and Chief Executive and he and his family as sole owners of the company from 1997. As the financial situation was becoming more difficult and at the age of 74 Peter thought it about time to retire so the company, by then with around 700 employees and over 300 buses and  coaches, was sold to the national Go-Ahead Group in June 2017.

David Hannam - Treasurer

David Hannam - Treasurer

David became a Trustee for HWRA to have the opportunity to give something back to rural communities. He has lived in rural areas most of his
Life and believes that, as a consequence he is aware of some of the challenges that rural and remote living presents.

He is a Chartered Management Accountant and has run his own practice with circa 500 clients for several years having previously being in private industry. He brings invaluable knowledge, experience and skills to the Trustee Board.

Tom Cave JP - Trustee

Tom Cave JP - Trustee

Tom has been actively engaged with HWRCC as a Parish Councillor for several years. However, it is as an individual that he has joined the trustee board bringing with him experience of business development and involvement with local community networks and organisations. Tom feels that HWRCC has the potential to fulfil opportunities in North Lincolnshire, working closely with North Lincolnshire Council to achieve this.

Diane Wilkinson

Diane Wilkinson

Diane became a trustee of HWRA in March 2020. She has lived in rural areas of East Yorkshire for most of her life and understands the challenges that social isolation, public transport and affordable housing present for people living in a village.
Diane worked in the adult social care sector all of her working life, including managing large groups of social care staff. For the last 15 years of her career she was an inspector with the Care Quality Commission, an organisation that regulates residential and community care services.

Ann Hindley

Ann Hindley

Ann lives in Crowle on the Isle of Axholme and has been a community development worker for over forty years and has developed a particular specialism for working rurally, having carried out contracts for the Countryside Agency,  the Peak District Rural Deprivation Forum, Yorkshire Rural Community Council as it then was and Community First Yorkshire as it now is, for North Yorkshire County Council and in fact for predecessors of Humber and Wolds.  She also has a particular interest in community buildings and was at one time Regional Co-ordinator for Community Matters and then an assoicate for them until they closed in 2016.   In total contrast, she is also a trustee of a charity working with asylum seekers and refugees in Doncaster.

Simon Nicholson

Simon Nicholson

Simon retired to Burton upon Stather at 59 due to a minor health issue after spending my working life involved in many and varied fields. I Lived the majority of my life in Lincolnshire from the age of 10 with a passion for local issues.

I started my working life on a farm based on 1940's principles and practices which gave me an insight into how things could be changed  for the better. From there I worked in catering briefly and then on to an agricultural contractor that introduced me to all aspects of agriculture including engineering, road building, operating and plant maintenance and working as part of a tight team.
I then moved on to packaging in a manufacturing setting, plant and HGV mechanic on to taking my class 1 licence and on into transport which lead me to owning my own truck and business. 

For the next 25 years I was involved in transport driving trucks transporting just about everything possible in the UK.

In 2012 I started my own van transport business doing specialised transport which I ran until 2020. 

I am now a Parish Councillor and understand how local politics works.

Alan Hall

Alan Hall

I was looking to engage with voluntary organisations following retirement and my skill set, knowledge and experience matches those I believe are required as a trustee of HWRA. To put something back into the local community which may also be of benefit nationally. I bring over 30 years’ experience with International Voluntary Charity and working locally to meet the community needs. As a HWRA Trustee I will support and drive the Vision, Mission and Values of HWRA through the clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction.


I understand the value of local community volunteering and how it responds to real time needs and the valuable financial, social and cultural benefits in brings to millions of people, projects and causes. I hope, as a Trustee of HWRA and through good governance, I can ensure HWRA continues providing a service to meet the community needs.


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