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Bulk Oil customer: I just wanted to thank you again for your speed and efficiency in enabling me to join the scheme so quickly and take advantage of the 'reduced' rate. I have been very anxious about refilling the oil tank but this scheme has eased some of that concern. Many thanks
Fiona - Electric Tricycle User, Age 51. 'I purchased an electric tricycle as I have Multiple Sclerosis and can no longer ride a bicycle due to poor balance and mobility issues. I have found that being out on my tricycle that my fitness has improved and it has had an impact on weight loss. With the pedal assist I am still able to pedal and use my legs which is important to keep my muscles active, reduce numbness and I am also able to cycle further including hills and this also helps with fatigue as I tire easily. I have enjoyed being able to access local rural areas which has had a positive impact on my mental health and wellbeing, especially during this difficult time due to Covid-19 and being isolated as a clinically vulnerable person. This has meant that I have been able to get out of the house and feel safe whilst exercising. There are a lot of support groups on social media where I have met other like minded cyclists who have offered invaluable support and advice and I have met up with another lady tricycle rider as a riding companion.'
Mrs Surfleet a registered customer of the car scheme thanked HWRA for an excellent service and also to personally thank the driver, Terry for his help and assitance in providing transport to her medical appointment.
Wheels to Work North Lincolnshire Scheme - John from Grimsby ‘I joined the scheme in 2021 after hearing about it from a family member. I was in need of transport to get to and from work as I had my motorbike stolen and was not able to replace it. As a short-term arrangement I was relying on a family member to take and pick me up from work. For me the key benefit of the wheels to work scheme was that it provided me with a scooter that enabled me to get to and from work, it also gave me back independence and freedom. I would definitely recommend the scheme and I have done so to friends who are need of transport to get to work. Don’t’ underestimate the scooters as they are extremely reliable . My experience of the scheme was great, and I was glad that I was successful in receiving a scooter via the scheme’.
Our Men in Sheds Humber Alliance supports sheds all over the East Riding , North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire- Comment from a local shedder who attends regularly, "The shed is brilliant, we have a laugh. Some people are busy all the time and others don't do a thing but sit and chat over a cuppa".
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Please see below our current projects.

Voluntary Car Service

The Voluntary Car Service uses volunteer drivers and their own cars to take individual passengers on journeys to destinations of their choice, both within and beyond North Lincolnshire. Journeys might include hospital appointments, GP appointments and trips to local shops, community group meetings, day centres and residential homes. For further information please contact us on 01652 637700

Oil Buying Cooperative

Humber & Wolds Rural Action set up the Oil Buying Cooperative with the aim of saving money on heating your home, workplace, church or village hall. Our oil buying coop offers residents and businesses the opportunity to receive lower prices for their fuel, offering communities and their residents bulk buying power and significant savings.

Village Halls Advisory Service

There are 10,000 village halls in England which represents the largest network of community-owned facilities in rural Britain. At the heart of rural community life, they provide a hub for social activities, classes and services such as post offices, doctors’ surgeries and shops.

Men in Sheds Project

The Men in Sheds project supports local communities from across the East Riding, North & North East Lincolnshire to develop Men’s Sheds in their locality, where an identified need has been established. Sheds are predominately aimed at men but usually anyone over 18 can get involved. Shed’s are a place where people can take part in activities, share, and learn new skills, share ideas, and make new friendships within a supportive environment.

Try an E-bike

E-Bikes are available for £15 per day from The Cycle Hub on the platform at Grimsby Railway Station.

Wheels to Work Scheme North East Lincolnshire (Scooter Hire Scheme)

The Wheels to Work North East Lincolnshire scheme is now taking applications from individuals who are experiencing transport difficulties to enable them to get to work, take up new opportunities, education or training. For scheme details, eligibility criteria or for further information about the Wheels to Work Scheme click the read more link below:

Community Led Plans support

A Community Led Plan, formerly known as a Parish Plan, is a step by step process for communities to develop a plan for the future, which takes into account the needs of all who live and work in the community. The Action Plan developed as part of the process, sets out a vision and how this will be achieved. Community Led Plans are suitable for any size of community, be that rural or urban and take on average 12 – 18th months to complete.

Neighbourhood Development Plans Support

HWRA can now provide support to communities who wish to proceed with a Neighbourhood Plan. Support is available for Community Engagement exercises and capacity building for the NDP group.

Community Review

What is a Community Review? It is a short community consultation exercise that will identify the prioritises, the needs and aspirations and the actions that local residents would like to implement in their community. Lengthy consultation processes are unsuitable for smaller communities, so Humber & Wolds Rural Action will provide a support package to enable these settlements to conduct this process and give the community a voice in decision making.

Housing by communities, for communities - East Yorkshire

Community Led Housing projects are run by individual community groups or organisations determined to build the types of affordable homes that local people need and want. These projects are aimed at solving local housing problems through local control.

North Lincolnshire Alliance Volunteer Hub

A comprehensive service providing volunteering opportunities across North Lincolnshire.

Local housing for local people

Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE) together with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) are working to create a network of Rural Housing Enablers (RHEs) around the country. RHEs are specialists who can help rural communities consider the need for local affordable housing.

Good Neighbour Schemes - East Riding of Yorkshire

Good Neighbour Schemes are set up and run by local residents who offer help and support to fellow residents of their town or village.

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Cash for Kids Sports Challenge

The Cash for Kids sports challenge is back helping children and young people break down barriers to sport.

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UK Men in Sheds Alliance

A huge thank you from UK Men in Sheds Alliance for the recent applications for Ronseal products. We have been completely overwhelmed by the response received and we extend our sincere gratitude to Ronseal for providing this wonderful opportunity.

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